Greek Leather Breastplate , Leather breast plate , Armour set for event ,Best gift for him


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Greek Leather Armour Breastplate for Halloween gift, Christmas gift

Brown Mercenary leather armor, 3-piece
With cuirass
With 2 detachable shoulder guards
Manufactured by Uketsyshop


• Thick leather 9-10 oz / 3mm to 4mm
• Leather 5-6 oz / 2mm
• Brass-plated antique eyelets, rivets, and buckles


• Adjustable and mobile torso

Measurements (Chest size)

• Medium: 32 to 38 inches – 81cm to 97cm, Leather : 22 Inches
• Large: 38 to 44 inches – 97cm to 112 cm , Leather : 22 Inches
• XLarge: 44 to 50 inches – 112cm to 127cm , Leather : 24 Inches
• 2XLarge : 50 to 56 inches – 127cm to 142cm , Leather : 24 Inches

Designed specifically for LARP

The brown Mercenary leather armor is suitable for men who are between 170 and 195 cm tall

chest size of 98 cm – 120 cm.

All Chest sizes available for customizing

Our brown Mercenary leather armor provides high-quality protection for warriors from all walks of life: it is made of 3.5mm thick, heavy grade leather.

The shoulder guards are made of 3.5 mm thick strips of the same heavy grade leather. Leather straps are riveted to them so you can buckle them around your upper arms or remove them before the battle begins. If the shoulder guards get in the way when you’re wielding your sword, you can wear this Mercenary leather armor as a cuirass. The riveted leather parts protect paid warriors and give this armor its bold character. With the buckles and leather straps at the sides, you can adjust this brown Mercenary leather armor to fit perfectly. Look like a professional on the battlefield – and off – in brown Mercenary armor.
Leather brigantine
short brigantine
medieval brigantine
mens body armor
hand made
leather armor
leather body armor
combat armor
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Mercenary brown
greek armor




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